Friday site visit

We’re super excited to share with you last Friday’s very first members site visit. It felt like a new chapter being able to share the space, finally, with some of the creators who will be the ones responsible for the future of Peckham Levels. 

Everyone was thrilled to finally be able to get a glimpse of their studio and meet their neighbours. It goes without saying just how happy we were to finally be at this stage. It’s clear that this really is going to become a hub for creativity, entrepreneurship and most importantly, offer the freedom to be expressive. Already the neighbourly relationships had started and the sense of community was strong. With such a variety of talent, across a diverse mix of practices, everyone was feeling excited to say the least.

Starting next week, we are going to be announcing, in detail, the individuals who will be joining us this Autumn. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter and connected to our social channels to be the first to find out.

In such a diverse community, it’s no surprise that the variety of skills, practices and talent spanning the studios is going to be colourful and inspiring.

Jacob Read