Introducing // Champion Prints

Born and bred South Londoner, Josef Dunne is going to be bringing his 3D printing facilities to Peckham Levels this October. Champion Prints is a 3D printing studio that can turn your ideas in to a physical model. We are thrilled to be able to offer this facility to the community and fellow members of Peckham Levels.

Champion Prints 3D started its life with the objective to solve a manufacturing problem, that of expensive and accurate medical models for students. Josef purchased a second-hand 3D Printer after deciding this was the technology to solve this issue.  

A recent article published by dezeen saw Josef collaborate with Dani Cole, a final year student at the Royal College of Art. The collaboration for her graduate work was to create a wearable third thumb that can help its user carry more objects, squeeze lemons or play complex chords on the guitar!! Incredible.

At Peckham Levels, Champion Prints will be providing 3D printing services by appointment, in multiple materials along with printing workshops and modelling services. So if you've got an idea, product or prototype you need brought to life - here's your answer.




Jacob Read