Introducing // Nandine

One of the best things about joining this project, has without a doubt been meeting the people who are going to form the very heartbeat of Peckham Levels. Nandine is no exception. A family run business, taking over one of our food kiosks, will be offering a completely unique and new approach to Middle Eastern food. Acting as one of the very first contemporary Kurdish businesses out there, their purpose to revolutionise Mezze and Baklava.

With family being at the very core of the business, it’s heart-warming. Upon meeting with Rang, one of the two brothers who manages the business, it’s clear their Mum, Pary is the backbone of Nandine. Seeing two sons so devoted to championing their mothers creativity and talent is the very reason we cannot wait to welcome them.

So, what’s the story?

“Mum wanted to finally open her own store that wasn’t an outdoor kiosk. Joined by her family she started Nandine, an outlet of creative foods from a nimble and bold woman. Since then, we opened our first proper Kitchen in Camberwell, a quiet road where she is able to experiment affectionately.”

Meet the Family

Pary Baban - Head chef and mum, amazingly talented.
Rang Baban - Manager, Son.
Raman Baban - Manager and creative manager, Son.
Pola Baban - Father, handyman, expertise in business and DIY

Nandine is a local business, born and bred in Peckham.

If you’re taste buds are too intrigued to wait, you can catch Nandine daily on Vestry Road, Camberwell. Keep your eyes peeled via our blog and social channels for their upcoming rebrand… we’ve had a sneak peek and we seriously can’t wait.

Jacob Read