Introducing // Anastasya Martynova

Anastasya Martynova is a London-based, multidisciplinary artist specialising in wood carving and gilding. We are super excited to welcome her to the Peckham Levels line-up, and you’ll soon see why


Her practice involves primarily working in wood and glass, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques in wood carving and reverse-glass gilding, to create contemporary pieces of art.  She says, “Through my work I hope to reignite interest in these age-old crafts by demonstrating that a traditional approach to technique and craftsmanship, blended with the exciting developments in technology and materials can create unexpected and beautiful results.”

Anastaya’s story and body of work is incredibly extensive and something we can’t wait to share with you over the coming weeks and months.

Tell us a little bit about what you’ve been working on and your plans for the future?

“Currently I am exhibiting my huge 'Memory Chain’ sculpture; hand-carved from a single piece of pine, as part of The New Craftsmen summer exhibition “Animal Vegetable Mineral” at The New Craftsmen showroom in Mayfair, until September 9th.

I have an ongoing collaboration with Proportion>London, an artisanal mannequin manufacturer, hand-carving their beautiful mannequins, and have recently been part of their “Craft - The Art of Mannequin Making” event in conjunction with their new showroom opening in Shoreditch

I am working on a large installation, made from sustainably sourced wood from local woodland for the newly, beautifully-revived Dreamland in Margate. And lastly I am very excited to be working my “functional sculpture” series. I will reveal more about this soon!”

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Jacob Read