Introducing // INxSANIxTY Art

A bit of a local legend when it comes to his artwork, Sani - also known as INxSANIxTY Art will be joining us at this year's Peckham Festival as well as becoming one of our incredible studio members later in the year. 


Sani is a contemporary visual artist from Peckham who creates art inspired by his West African heritage, London culture and the people who live within it. INxSANIxTY exhibits his work around the country and we are super excited to have him create some work for us, live, throughout the Festival. 

How did it all begin? 

My story started a long time ago when I first moved to Nigeria. I have always drawn and written poetry from as far back as I remember, but in 2014 due to high demand, pressure from everyone who loved my art and the fact that I ran into some difficulties with my university I started painting. 

After a few months, I was sure art was a calling especially because it came naturally as I am 100% self-taught. After a year of planning and joint exhibitions I had my first solo exhbition in June 2016.  


We are super excited to welcome Sani to Peckham Levels and we can't wait to see more from his current community based, recycling project - Trash to Art. The concept is simple but effective. Promoting DIY and recycling by literally creating art from rubbish. We plan to curate community focused exhibitions and raise some money for charity with the proceeds.

Join us on Saturday 16th September for our all day Peckham Festival event and come and meet Sani as well as many of our other makers and creators. 

Hit the link and join us - It's going to be ace!

Jacob Read