Introducing // Brother Film Co.

To finish off the week, we thought it would be nice to introduce you to a new Peckham Levels member! We've been working with Brother Film Co. on some exciting elements of our launch campaign, which we can't wait to share with you over the coming weeks.


Brother Film Co. are a video production company founded by three brothers - Marcus, Luke and Hugo Ellingham. They create online and branded content, commercials and music videos for clients that have included Red Bull, McLaren, Nike, Deliveroo and Dr Martens. Their latest project was shooting at The Lost Village Festival - which looked amazing. 


How did it all begin? 

"Our business began to form as young kids, making (terrible) skate videos on a VHS camera in deepest Kent. Fast forward to 2012, we were still terrible at skating but our filmmaking had improved - we decided to begin Brother Film Co. and see where we could get to."

"It was a very gradual process, initially creating videos for businesses of friends and family, but with a few lucky breaks, we began to build up a solid client base and showreel. SInce then we’ve built up experience in the action sports, automotive, festival and fashion sectors in particular, and are very excited to continue our story within Peckham Levels." 

Brother Film Co. Showreel

The boys worked for 5 years as three brothers and as of this month their very first non-sibling, Adam has just joined as an account manager and new business guru - welcome to Peckham Adam. 

Official Aftermovie for Boardmasters 2017 // Four days of surf, sun and music on the picturesque Cornish coast.

With the boys all living in Peckham for the last few years, both professionally and personally, we asked them what they are most looking forward to about joining the project:  

"Through joining Peckham Levels we hope to bed ourselves into a buzzy, creative community of talented individuals and businesses. Feeding off, and collaborating with, our fellow Levellers will be fantastic for both our output and outlook.

On a more practical level we are aiming to grow the size and scope of our business over the next few years, and having our own dedicated studio space in the heart of Peckham will enable us to do this."


We plan on working with Brother on a number of projects between now and the foreseeable future, which we can't wait for. Make sure you are following us and them on social media for all new project releases. Welcome to Peckham Levels guys! 




Jacob Read