Introducing // Messe Jesse

You only need to look at the playful work from Jessica Warby and your day will be just that little bit brighter. This work is all about fun. Jessica designs and makes incredibly cute forms of art, in the shape of embroidered patches. 

" I like to create pieces people will relate to injected with humour and colour, at the moment that takes the shape of patches. I have a digital embroidery machine so every piece is unique and there is no limit to the designs. Because humans wear patches they are like mini art exhibitions walking around and interacting with people, so they can reach more humans and spread the word!"

peckham levels.jpg

Jessica started creating embroidery at university whilst studying illustration and became fed up creating flat art work to go to a printer with no practicality or excitement about it on a personal level. Venturing to the fashion department where the digital embroidery machines lived and were pretty much unused - she never looked back.  


"Since university, I have had an internationally positive response and have been selling on Etsy, have stockists in 10 countries and I flog at independent art markets. I don’t like to be limited to one medium so the future isn’t just patches I promise. I also love to paint, create ceramics and sculpture and I am currently working on ways to make these accessible art forms." 


Jessica is one-half of the business, the other, her trustee digital embroidery machine Margaret. 

"I hope to meet people I can collaborate with, working on your own with your own ideas is great, but the art of collaboration is more exciting and dynamic. Also, it's a space for me to focus and not be working out of my bedroom and stepping on paint bottles when I get out of bed. It's good to get out of your pyjamas and go to work believe it or not."

We're excited to welcome Jessica Warby and her vibrant work to our first public event this weekend, Peckham Festival. Come say hi and pick up some patches. 

Jacob Read