Welcome to Peckham Levels

7 levels of a multi-storey carpark, transformed into one of London’s most diverse and exciting cultural destinations. 

The building will house more than 90,000 sqft of creative workspace, events and exhibition venues, a food and drink destination featuring local and independent traders, yoga studios, creative facilities and open community spaces for everyone to use and enjoy.

These two levels will become the heart of Peckham Levels as a public destination, open every day for people to eat, drink, play, learn and explore.

They will feature 7 independent street food traders, a café, cocktail bar and craft tap room. Here you will find our events space for public performances, live music and community events, as well as yoga studios and a hair and beauty salon. 

These levels will be freely open for anyone to use as a meeting place, attend workshops or community events or just find somewhere to read, work or relax with friends.

Levels 5/6

Food, Drink, Music, Exhibitions, Yoga and Hair Salon


Levels 3/4

Studios, Co-work, Music Rehearsal & 3D Printing

Levels 3 & 4 will house a variety of shared and private workspaces for cleaner creators, focussing on design, music and media.

They will include 20 private studios for artists, designers, freelance creatives and small businesses. There will be a co-working space with 80 desks and meeting rooms for members and local businesses to use. These levels will also include a 3D Printing lab and music rehearsal studios


Levels 1/2

Studios, Ceramics & Manual Workshops

Levels 1 & 2 will become home to our artists and louder, messier creative makers.

These levels will house 30 private studios for artists, makers, fashion designers, sculptors and craftspeople. They will be perfect for the messier, noisier creators in our community, including manual workshops for metalwork, woodwork and making; as well as a shared ceramics studio.


The Ground Level will spill out from our basement into the alleyway outside. It will become a regular market, featuring fresh produce, local crafts and the art and products created by our members. The alleyway will become a new community gardening and growing space.

Ground Level

Markets & Community Garden


What's Inside:


7 Street Food Traders / Café

 Cocktail Bar / Craft Beer Taproom

 Live Music & Events Venue / Yoga

Studios / Hair Salon

 50 Creative  Studios for Artists

 Makers & Designers / Music

Rehearsal Studios / 3D Print Lab

 Ceramics Studio / Maker Workshops

 Co-working Space / Markets

Community Gardens