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About Us

About Us

Peckham Levels exists to help creative and ambitious local people get their ideas off the ground.

How we work with the community.

Creative people need a place to work. Small businesses need a place to grow. Communities need places to come together. So this temporary project was created to provide affordable and inspiring space for independent businesses, artists and local entrepreneurs to work, grow, trade and learn. For the next 6 years we will be occupying the underused space inside the town centre carpark, building a new creative workshop and cultural destination that showcases its members and connects them with the world outside. This is a grassroots project and over the coming months and years, working with our members and other local people, the space will continue to evolve, change and develop. Come and get involved.

    Levels 5 & 6

    The heart of Peckham Levels, open every day for people to eat, drink, play, learn and explore

  • 1


  • 2

    Public Seating & Auditorium

  • 3

    Kids Play Area

  • 4

    Street Food, Bars & Café

  • 5

    Cahoona's Hair Hub: Hair Salon

  • 6

    Ghost Notes: Live Music Event Space

  • 7

    Level 6 Yoga: Yoga Studio

Meet The Team

Our Story

Our Story

The idea for Peckham Levels was born when Southwark Council asked the community to propose a new use for the empty interior levels within the underused multi-storey car park in the heart of Peckham.

Their brief highlighted the potential this space had to support employment and the arts, and asked for suggestions for temporary projects that could take up residence in the car park for 5 years. 

Dozens of ideas were submitted by architects, entrepreneurs and community groups. The Make Shift team and Carl Turner Architects worked together on a proposal, and in November 2015 Peckham Levels was selected as the winning bid.

Since then we've been busy working with the community, finding our members and getting our hands dirty building Peckham Levels, and the site opened its doors for the first time in December 2017.

Peckham Levels is the second project by Make Shift, who launched Pop Brixton in 2015. Make Shift transforms derelict areas and empty buildings into new creative destinations that offer lasting opportunities to small businesses and local people. Find out more.

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