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Take advantage of the activities, creative facilities and community spaces at Peckham Levels.

Spread across our seven levels are a range of amazing facilities available to our members and the wider community. Come and use screen printing, music rehearsal, photography and ceramics studios. Book a desk in our coworking space. Get your hair styled. Join a yoga class or dance session. Or book a venue space for your next meeting or event.

  • 3rd Rail Print Space
  • The Ramp Co-Working
  • Cahoona's Hair Hub
  • The Kiln Rooms
  • Sound Levels: Music Studios
  • Champion 3D: 3D Printing

3rd Rail Print Space

3rd Rail is a multifaceted screen printing studio with over 10 years experience providing a spectrum of services including garment printing and customisation, fine art editioning, live print and an online garment pre-sale platform.

3rd Rail Print Space is the result of our passion for all things print and commitment to increasing education around and accessibility to the medium.
The 4000sqft facility in the heart of Peckham will combine paper, fabric and garment printing with desk and studio space making 3rd Rail Print Space the biggest open access screen printing studio in London.