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100% vegan pizza. Yes you heard that right.

PickyWops Pizza

100% vegan pizza. Yes you heard that right.

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When it comes to indulging in Pizza, in Peckham, we have become spoilt for choice as of late. But, these guys have something that other pizza shops don't - a 100% vegan menu. That's right... vegan pizza. Amazingly delicious vegan pizza.

As well as dodging traditional dairy for its cheeses, PickyWops is also different due to the variety of pizza dough they offer, which are all unique in flavour, colour and texture. The PickyWops concept is about welcoming all communities, regardless of their diet, background, opinions or colour.  The boys are passionate about bringing people together and immersing themselves in the community. Making them very welcome to Peckham Levels. 

Their list of 100% vegan and cruelty-free cheeses include; 

Coconut base mozzarella, cashew nut mozzarella (homemade), rice mozzarella, smokey coconut mozzarella, creamy coconut cheese, coconut parmesan, cashew nut camembert and almond ricotta. Personally, we've not been anywhere in London to offer this variety of tasty 'cheese'.

As well as the selection of flours and cheese alternatives, these two Italians bring nothing but positive vibes.

We guarantee you won't find another pizza like it. All the perks of your normal pizza treat, minus the guilt. Their bases include; Hemp, Multigrain, Burned Wheat, Kamut, Turmeric and Spiralina - meaning you can swap that superfood morning smoothie, for pizza!

"We opened the 19th of September 2016 starting as an omni Pizza Place with only one Vegan option. I (Cristiano) went Vegan in January 2017, Andrea the second week of March and PickyWops the 2nd of April went 100% cruelty free. We believe everyone will go Vegan one day."

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