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A 21st century darkroom in the heart of Peckham.

Bright Rooms

A 21st century darkroom in the heart of Peckham.

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Bright Rooms will offer a new era darkroom experience built to champion re-engagement with analog printing and celebrate the craft of photography by providing an open access space to make, discuss and share.

Bright Rooms is membership based with open access courses and darkroom facilities. Further to the darkroom we will build a program of events, exhibitions, talks, workshops and educational outreach. Our audience reach will aim to be a broad cross section of all ages as we understand the benefits of intergenerational sharing of knowledge.

Bright Rooms is run by filmmaker Dan Fontanelli and Photographer Eddie Otchere, both passionate about darkroom printing. Learning photographic and printing techniques in an analogue form offers something we feel is often missing. This process of making brings a different level of engagement for an artist or image maker and through this process something magical happens. Bright Rooms will be a space, a community, a hub where this can happen and be experienced, discussed and shared. Evolutions in new media and digital technology surrounding photography have fed the fast pace of industry (commercial and agency) and we are encouraging a 'slowing down' and reintroducing the idea of analogue on this context as a medium that should still be used.

THE DARKROOM: Contemporary aesthetics meets good design in a synergy of workflow and best practice. Bright Rooms are working on a belief that thoughtful and considered environments lead to greater productivity and such an environment will encourage participation as we strive for reach and accessibility at all entry levels. Initially catering for black & white photography they currently have 6 x De Vere 504's, 2 x De Vere 203's & 1 x De Vere 5108 rail mounted to produce extra large prints. All images can be digitised to the highest standards and hybrid digital / analogue printing won't be far away.

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